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Experience Thetahealing with Jen Tays-Sierre

Counselling & EMDR for children, teens and adolescents in

Edinburgh Princes Street

EMDR for children in Edinburgh city centre.

With so much going on in the grown-up world, it is easy for children to be overlooked in their needs.

Gentle sensitive kids find it hard to speak out even when they know what is going on for them and often they just don't know


At Jen Tays therapy we will do our best to 'meet' the young person and help them to discover the delights of who they are, always a very special and unique person, just wanting to feel at ease in their world.

Age appropriate games and tactile engaging small toys are strategically available to delight children and adolescents of all ages

When to consider child therapy : does your child seem to have low self-esteem? Are they having difficulty talking or playing with others or engaging in new pursuits? Many kids have a hard time struggling with their emotions, and even when they are otherwise well adjusted. Sensitive children can find the pressure of school, homework and family life to be very difficult to cope with. Adjustments in the family, such as a house move or change of school or a bereavement in the family circle, when added to previous difficulties, can make things very hard and the young person can find their days becoming exceedingly harder and harder to cope with. 

Bring your child in to meet us to see what they could gain from having their own therapist to share their and innermost fears with. In this supportive and they can then learn ways to develop and strengthen their resilience with their outer world, leading them forwards to develop the ability to find their strengths and specialities.

Emdr for children: Emdr child counselling is available with a highly skilled and Emdr Europe Accredited Practitioner. Your Emdr Therapist has been trained specifically to work with children using Emdr therapy. This therapy is ideal for trauma focussed work (recommended by the NHS) and when used can be a very effective tool for many other problems too, such as for phobias, depression or sexual abuse.

Emdr is a counselling service which has been scientifically proven to be that can quickly help people, of all ages, to reprocess their thoughts and feelings regarding past traumatic events or incidents that they may have witnessed.

Try Before You Buy

FREE 10 mins meeting: Try it out and see if it resonates with your child, if it works for them, they will want to come back. If they don't, that's absolutely fine too, I will not see any child that does not want to come along They really need to be ready and want to attend.

Your child may want you to be there with them throughout the first session or two, or they may decide to go it alone right from the beginning. We give them this choice. Most often they want mum or dad or carer to be with them for a while and then they are okay for the adult to slip away when they feel comfortable enough. EMDR for children in Edinburgh is easy to access for parents and children.