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Experience Thetahealing with Jen Tays-Sierre

EMDR - Eye Movement De-sensitising & Re-processing

WHAT HAPPENS in EMDR Psychotherapy?

EMDR, sometimes known as 'rapid eye movement therapy' actually stands for 'Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing' and it involves the client entering into a memory recall of a difficult incident that has had a lasting negative effect.

During the memory recall the client engages in a very natural way for the mind to become desnsitised to the original memory and they will normally re-process information to the mind in a more logical, practical and self-accepting manner.

Before this stage is started it is good practice for the client to be aquainted with a simple self soothing technique (that is personalised to suit them) and the therapist will help them to achieve this.

Your therapist will help you to learn a method such as the 'safe place' vision & affect method, or a similar one.

Emdr may be used within a series of counselling sessions or it could be the main therapy given (although counselling sessions may be required within the complete therapy)

The full emdr program consists of an 8 phased protocol, and it is essential to complete this in the correct order and the correct way. (Jen is an accredited pratitioner and a consultant in the official Emdr therapy protocol, within the Emdr Europe UK & Ireland headquarters)

HOW MANY SESSIONS? This usually takes place over 4 or more of specific emdr visits. It depends, as always, on the person and the issue.

Longer sessions of up to 90 mins are sometimes recommended and these could be interspersed with shorter counselling sessions.

The specific program will be explained to you fully before we start. If you wish to have dedicated Emdr therapy, then you are looking at a minimum of 4-6 sessions. In cases of PTSD or more long standing traumatic situations, you may well require a few more sessions.

HOW DOES IT HELP? The aim is to fully and completely resolve all the symptoms of your trauma so that you can lead a normal life again. The efficacy of Emdr therapy has been clinically proven and is recommended by the NICE)