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Experience Thetahealing with Jen Tays-Sierre

Journeying Beyond:

Enriching, Therapeutic and Enlightening Ascensions oF the end times


Following our Exploration with the Trees, 2020-2021 Jen Sierre is available to help you explore your path forward through 2022 and beyond



7.00 TO 8.00PM (UK Time) 


This session is a global communicating with trees event. We will feel their presence, their Tree Spirit and we will learn all their good qualities we are here to learn, such as patience, faith and trust. We will feel their strength and unconditional pure love. Our Trees, are the one sure element we can rely on in this ever changing world.

Experience what its like to be connected with the guardians of our planet, see how things can change for you.......MONTHLY EVENT...

Meet our Everlasting Family of Trees and Discover with the aid of your own individual


the wisdom of the trees 

Experience Relaxation and Deep Wonder at the connectedness we naturally have with all living beings, including the ones who line our streets and fill our parks and just offer us fruit and take nothing away but our carbon dioxide (thank you dear trees) 

During our group meeting you will be taken to a Deep place of relaxation

[A Journey with Trees]


We start with a group chat of whoever wants to speak, and if no-one does then that's okay.

I introduce you to myself and my experiences of the plant kingdom during my week. This could be in physical form in my garden, or in dream form from my dreams, or in another kind of virtual reality, my imagination. During our talk you will find yourself leaving behind your earthly worries and connecting with the surreal space of the plant kingdom. You may notice things pop up in your mind of your plant connections.


You will then be guided by my words to a place of lovely soft and free relaxation, similar to where I take my clients who come for hypnotherapy or deep relaxation.

Come and explore how far you can travel safely and positively in your mind


Each time we meet you will be guided to discover your TOTEM TREE, so that's great if you are new and also great if you've done this before, as you will just go deeper into your connection with your own totem tree.


After we have connected with our TOTEM TREE we come back for a sharing or questions and then we go into a deeper journey, and I will show you how to do this safely and positively. In this second journey into the realms of the trees, you will discover hidden wisdoms from the Plant Kingdom, and here you you can receive answers to your questions that are earthy, grounded and enlightened (because they come from tree wisdom!)


SUITABLE FOR: Anyone interested in learning more about connecting with our Trees in a 'Beyond our Ordinary Senses Kind of Way' 

(As well as gaining insights for ourselves, we will discover together how to 'give back' to the tree kingdom eg. by recognising trees and acknowledging their importance for our planetary and our individual well-being)

Would you like to Submerge yourself into our family of Earthly Trees?

And to Speak with the Trees and hear their messages clearly?

No Money is required:- it is suggested you could pay it forward with kindness to trees and plants

Each session we have a different theme to work with and,


We will probably be picking up on the seasons, as well as planetary consciousness and current events.

Usually we focus on a tree or a plant that has spoken out to me and told me they wanted to be focused on and I will share my knowledge about it and open the floor to any other people that may have experience or more knowledge, so that we can all learn from each other.

Unfortunately most of us have been brought up in a concrete jungle and without the knowledge of the ways of nature, it is time for us all to learn from each other again, by word of mouth and through the essence of the Trees gain 'tree knowledge'


It is the Year 2020 - Strange things are Happening.

Need I say more? Lol...Yes I do need to say more

OKAY - It may seem strange to some of us at first, but our Trees have been misused, misunderstood, not appreciated and dismissed. Their grandeur is almost wasted on us.

We are aware that they are beautiful, they give us oxygen, they protect us from the elements and they give us wood both to keep us warm as in bonfires but also for furniture to sit on. They give us paper,(probably the most under-rated commodity we have ever misused). Well there is a great sadness here, but also joy as we learn that Trees are in fact our guardians, they are hugely wise and all loving. As we move through and learn more, you will be amazed as you find that tree appreciation and knowledge can actually lead us into a different realm. A magical atypical environment, filled with joyful and abundant conversations.

Not only this but we need their help, as much as they need us (well we probably need them a lot more), there is no doubt that we co-exist and need each other in a reciprocal arrangement which is shown very obviously through our breathing systems -

they breathe out - we breathe in 


January - Meeting the Evergreens to take us forward into the New Year of 2021

February - Meeting another Tree Lady, Anja Fischbach

March - Tree Buds in the Springtime - The Power in the Bud

April - Putting down roots

May - Tree Flowers

June - Tree Community

July - Moving Forward & BEYOND


Wed 1st July: Starting at ground level, we look towards positivity and uplifting our mood

Wed 8th July: Enter Underground, the underworld, experience the heart of Mother Earth

Wed 12th August: Connect with the Trees in a Metaphysical Mediative Way

Wed 10th September: Sharing our plant relations, getting more answers

Wed 14th October: Autumn, Connecting with our Tree Friends, Forgiveness / Letting Go

Wed 11th Nov: A Global Event - Trees help us make decisions (deep decisions)

Wed 9th Dec: Feel the mass of trees holding you in PURE UCL






Keep safe by making sure that any electrical appliances or cookers are switched off, that you may be are solely responsible for.

You may also like to have someone in your household know what you are doing and what time we are due to finish or a trusted friend could phone you a few minutes after we finish to see how you are.

I am happy to give time for individual questions and answers at the beginning and the end, however if you have further need for discussion with me, please email or text afterwards and we can arrange a 121 follow up session (chargeable) or I can suggest other places for you to receive further help and guidance.

NOTE: If we lose internet during session, don't worry as you will naturally come back to reality and you will still have a good experience.


If you are concerned please check with your doctor or another suitably qualified medical professional (and provide a written note from them if necessary)

For most people this will be a relaxing and enjoyable normal meditative practice similar to practices which you could find yourself on you tube, but because I am a registered psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I just want to make extra sure that all eventualities are covered incase you find yourself needing extra support afterwards eg, if you are feeling overly emotional, after our session has finished.